Our team help decrease the time off work and the cost of sickness absence

For years Griffiths & Hartley have been working with local and national businesses helping them to save money by providing a physiotherapy service for their workforce.

Occupational Physiotherapy & Ergonomics

Our relationships with companies such as ASDA, B&Q, DHL & Haribo has seen our team treat common conditions at an early stage to help decrease the time off work and the cost of sickness absence.

Such a service can also help prevent time off, reduce recurrent absence, identify patterns of injuries, help maintain productivity & decrease the risk of litigation.

Griffiths & Hartley are members of ACPOHE (Association of Chartered physiotherapists in Occupational Health & Ergonomics). We can provide a wide range of services to both employers and employees which include:

  • Physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation of work-relevant injuries which can be provided on site or in an off site treatment centre
  • Return to Work Planning and Work Hardening
  • Education about Injury Prevention in the Workplace
  • Ergonomics Workplace Assessments (including DSE)
  • Health Promotion
  • Job Task Analysis and advice on modifications
  • Occupational and Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations
  • Helping employers meet their obligations under the Equality Act 2010.
  • Advice on compliance with Health and Safety obligations; specialist knowledge of manual handling and physical ergonomics in the office and workplace
  • Communication and reporting to facilitate return to work

On Site Physiotherapy

Our previous work and pilot studies have shown our onsite physiotherapy service to be a very cost effective way of managing musculoskeletal absence. A weekly clinic ensures fast access to assess new problems and continuation of treatment to ensure the quickest possible recovery. Having a physiotherapist onsite helps the communication with HR managers & Health and safety members to aid management of sickness absence, return to work plans and prevention of future injuries leading to time off. Companies such as ASDA, B&Q and DHL currently benefit from this service.

Off site Physiotherapy

We are able to set up a relationship where we guarantee fast access to our nearest clinic for physiotherapy assessment and treatment. This may be preferred if the size of your workforce does not require an onsite service. We can still provide reports and updates for the management of your sickness absence and meetings to discuss the service & the needs of your business. We currently provide this service to companies such as Haribo and PinBell.

An ACPOHE Occupational Physiotherapist typically can produce a return on investment for an organisation of £3 for every £1 spent.

Acute low back pain has a high recurrence rate with symptoms recurring, to a lesser degree, in 50-80% of people within a year; (Frymoyer 1988 cited in Mc Intosh and Hall 2008).


Did you know!

  • An ACPOHE Occupational Physiotherapist typically can produce a return on investment for an organisation of £3 for every £1 spent.


  • Griffiths & Hartley helped us reduce our cost of sickness absence by providing fast access to assessment and treatment with their onsite physiotherapy service.

  • Asda
  • DHL
  • B&Q
  • Haribo
  • Leeds United Football Club
  • Professional Jockeys Association
  • Beverley Racecourse
  • The Jockey Club
  • Arc Racing
  • Ripon
  • Catterick


  • I had both knees and a hip replaced due to arthritis. Physio from Griffiths & Hartley pre-op and in the 5 years since has helped me regain my mobility and resume an active lifestyle including playing golf and skiing

    Chris Mellors
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