Private Health Care

At Griffiths & Hartley we are registered with all the main Health Insurance Companies, Hospital Funds and Payment plans. This means you can use them to either Fully Fund or Part fund your course of physiotherapy.

Private Health Insurance Companies

You may pay privately for your cover or have it as a benefit included as part of your work package. Often their immediate family are also covered on the same policy.

You must always call your Health Insurance Company before you attend your appointment to ensure your treatment is authorised. They will clarify the steps they need you to take and to confirm any excess you may need to pay. Usually the Health Insurance Company will provide you with a membership number and an authorisation code. When you bring these to your assessment it means we can bill your Insurers direct.  

Examples Companies we are registered with:

BUPA, Nuffield, Aviva, Pru Health, WPA.

Hospital Funds and Payment Plans

It is possible to recoup up to 75% of the cost of your course of physiotherapy (e.g. Simply Health) through these schemes.  With this arrangement you will pay for your Physio sessions as you go. At the end of your course of physiotherapy we will provide a full receipt including all our details. You can then send your receipt to your company so they can reimburse you at the agreed rate in your plan.

Examples Companies include:

Simply Health, Soveriegn Health Care, Westfield Health.

Posted on : 20-03-2015

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