Online Booking for Physio Appointments

You should now be able to book a Physiotherapy appointment at your convenience, any time, day or night. The system is new to us and below we have produced a guide to help you through the steps. 

First you will need to click onto the Online Booking button on our website. This can be found on any page, at the top right-hand side. The 'Book Online' button is located next to the 'Enquiries' Button.

Once you have clicked onto the 'Book Online' button it will bring up our online booking site. 

From there you will have two appointment options to choose from, either an Initial Assessment or a Follow Up appointment.

Having clicked on the preferred option, it will ask you which location you would like to go to. As you click onto the button it will highlight blue to know that you have selected that location.

The 3 Locations we offer are:

As you click onto the desired location you can either choose the name of practitioner you would would like to see, or if you would prefer your Physio to be Male or Female. 

After you have made your selections you will find a number of appointments to choose from that week.

To go to the next week use the button circled below.

Pressing 'Next' brings you to the following page. This shows you your choice of appointment. It will show the Date, Time and Location. * As shown in the red circles

If you have chosen a practitioner it will look the same as this page, when confirming the time. *There can be multiple times on the page.


When you have made an appointment slot, you will need to create a login in, this allows for easy access next time. If you have already created a login, you will need to sign in to confirm your appointment Date and Time.


If you have not created an account it will come up with a booking form to enter all of your information into it. *This does not get sent to Third Parties.

*Please input all the data on form, so as to not get your appointment mixed up with another patients details.

When you have completed the form you will need to confirm the appointment at the time and location picked by you. You must click onto the tick button to agree this is the appointment that you would like to proceed with.

You then need to confirm by pressing the 'Book Now' button. If this button does not confirm the appointment will be deleted.

Once deleted, your former appointment is not guaranteed to be there or saved. * As shown in the red circle

After a few minutes you will receive an email containing your booked appointment if you have clicked onto the ticked box as shown above.



After you have clicked 'Register', it will come up with a near to identical page with the following headings on a tab, at the top of the page.

From here you are able to make another appointment on Make a Booking. As your details are already in the sytem, it will just be chosing the time and confirming it with the tick box section.

My Details shows the information that we have down for yourself. Name, address, email address and D.O.B. It will be used to contact you about a cancellation on the Practitioners part, or if we are sending you information on your appointment confirmation and receipts.

My Bookings show all of the bookings made online, including all of the ones cancelled.

If the appointment is booked it will be Green.

If the appointment has been cancelled it will be Red.


To cancel the appointment, click onto cancel appointmnent on the highlighted blue button, on the booked appointment. It will then come up with a pop up box asking if you want to cancel this appointment, if that is the case press onto yes.


To Log out click onto the Log Out  word. * As shown in the red circle


If you have any further questions regarding how to book in online or you would like to book an appointment please call 07789 223 622 or if you prefer email

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Posted on : 02-08-2017

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