Football Premier League- Pre-season Injuries

The much anticipated Football Premier League kicked Off this week. The clubs medical teams will have had a busy 4-6 weeks helping the players get match fit, while at the same time trying to limit and treat problems during this pre-season period which is notorious for certain injuries.

The combination of increasing workloads after a period of rest, managers pushing players to get as fit as possible before the season starts and hard summer surfaces combine to increase the risk of ‘over use’ injuries. Muscle strains, tendinitis, foot problems and plantar fasciitis present too often before the competitive season has even started.

Thousands of amateur football players are still in the middle of pre-season training and matches. In an ideal world we need to try prevent these injury problems, or if unable, we need to minimise them so they resolve quickly. Here are a few tips to think about that may be worth introducing to your clubs this pre-season:

·        Ensure you have the correct footwear for the surface you are exercising on.

·        Be careful not to increase the volume / load too much each session.

·        Ensure you give the body part you have trained enough time to recover before working it again.

·        Include appropriate warm-ups and cool-downs in your programmes.

·        Consider using ice baths after heavy training sessions to aid  recovery.

·        Eat & Drink well and provide the body with the hydration and nutrition it needs to recover between activity.

·        Be open to using different forms or exercise to increase your CV fitness to share the load e.g. swimming, cycling.

Good luck this season whoever you play for. Hopefully this helps you and your team stay healthy and decreases the injuries that mean time out of your competitive season.

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Posted on : 18-08-2016

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